Sugar Baby

Moving beyond the tollhouse cookie.

 No south Georgia childhood would ever have been complete without “Sugarbabies” --- the chocolate-covered bite-size caramels in that wonderful yellow bag. Ethel Ann’s children ate them by the thousands. Our cookie pays tribute to “America’s favorite treat” by combining the very best chocolate and handmade toffee. 




Not your grandmother's peanut butter cookie.

Ethel Ann says that “real” peanut butter is a gift from God because it contains nothing but peanuts.  It is fresher and gives anything a richer and more intense flavor. And, as she’s fond of saying, “What’s not to love about that?!”  

Oatmeal toffee

An "up another notch" oatmeal cookie.

Lovely, chewy oats combined with homemade toffee transforms a typical cookie into, as Ethel Ann says, one with “pizazz.”.  “Toffee makes everything better. It’s like the bakery version of bacon.”  


Farmhouse Praline


Georgia meets New Orleans in one spectacular cookie

Pralines have been around since the 1600’s and Louisiana and Mississippi have been fighting since then about who makes the best version of this delicate candy.  We’d say that Ethel Ann’s version, combined with a cookie, is the clear winner.   


ethel ann says

"Now that, honey, should have only happened inside your head.  "