Good Neighbors

At the core of our baking and cooking is a commitment to feeding you responsibly as well as deliciously.

      Our owners moved to Madison after 30 years in Chicago to be a part of a community. We take that very seriously and attempt to purchase and use every ingredient that is possible from local farmers, cooperatives, and businesses. As close to home as we can. 

  No one and no thing (that we know of) suffered for what you’re putting in your mouth. Not a chicken, not a worker. No one. Nothing. Nada. Let us know if you know something that we don’t.

  We buy local if we can. Southern if it just can’t be found nearby. Ethel Ann gets our pecans from down the road near her home in GA. We can’t help that. They’re just better. 

Our Partners

Show the Love

  Our partners, as we call them, are simply folks whose products, facilities and services take care of all our needs and that we feature in our food.  We admire each of them immensely and want you to know about them too.  Click on any picture to be taken to their website. 


Badger Prairie Needs Network [BPNN]


Ethel Ann’s couldn’t be prouder to rent commercial kitchen space in and support the Badger Prairie Needs Network [BPNN]. Located in Verona, WI, BPNN operates one of the busiest food pantries in Dane County, offering free community meals, nutrition education for seniors and children, and other services. A legal advocate in fighting homelessness, BPNN is a founding member of the Kitchen to Table: Wisconsin Food Recovery Network and its 100% volunteer services work to support a mission dedicated to fighting generational poverty and ending hunger in the communities they serve.  


Orange Propeller

  Our original design, logo and website were created by Tim Meyer and the wonderful folks at Orange Propeller in Arlington Heights, IL in 2010. 



  Our rebrand and the current design iteration of all things Ethel Ann’s are guided by Rachel Bohn, Gretchen Butts and the other fine women at Firepower Design here in Madison, WI.  They rock!


Berndt CPA

  Our financial lives are overseen by Stephan Mesdjian and the fine folks at Berndt CPA, right off the Beltline Highway here in Madison. That college accounting class sure would come in handy right now. 


Heartland Credit Union

  All our banking needs are handled by Bradley Tabor and his wonderful team at Heartland Credit Union, with branches all over the city. If you live in Dane County, then you’re included.



  Roth is one of the oldest chessemakers in Wisconsin. Inspired by their Swiss heritage, more than a dozen licensed cheesemakers handcraft their full line of cheeses in Monroe, WI. Their Buttermillk Blue is amazing. 



  Tony and Julie Hook have been making cheese for more than 35 years in Mineral Point, WI. Their line of cheddars is outstanding and we feature their one year sharp cheddar in our cheese straws and biscuits.



  Sartori has been a driving force behind Wisconsin’s place in the international food world since 1939 in Plymouth, WI.  Its SarVecchio Parmesan was named as one of the ‘Products that Rival Europe’s Best.’ 

Needless to say it’s our “go-to” for Parm. 

Braise on the Go


  “Braise on the Go” based in Braise Restaurant in Milwaukee represents more than 100 Wisconsin farms and local producers through their RSA [Restaurant Supported Agriculture]. We get our butter and eggs from them. We live outside their delivery area for now so we drive to Milwaukee.

Fries Von Kiel


  Our butter of choice is Fries von Kiel and its incredibly hard to find but so worth it. This creamy, pale yellow concoction is the perfect baking butter. It’s also produced about 60 miles from Madison. 

Yuppie Hill Poultry


  Our eggs come from Yuppie Hill Poultry in Burlington, WI. Produced by Amberlink hens, their new, state-of-the art barn allows owner, Lynn Lein, to raise all her birds in a cage-free environment.



  When we were starting out in the Westside Farmers Market in Madison, WI --- right down the aisle from our bright orange tent was a new company selling “yumbutter.” After tasting it, this amazing product became the only peanut butter we’d use. We applaud their amazing success and proudly feature their peanut butter exclusively in our products. 

White Lily Flour


Sometimes you just can’t change. We try to be open. We try to be experimental. But we’re Southern and White Lilly is our unbleached flour. It’s the flour for bakers and we know, we know, it was bought by a conglomerate and isn’t the same but we still LOVE IT. AND you can now buy it at Woodmans and that’s about as Wisconsin as you can get.

Kemps Buttermilk


Kemps is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) supporting local dairy farmers throughout Wisconsin. That means that the profits from every carton of milk, scoop of ice cream and cup of yogurt go directly to the 14,500 dairy farmers and their families that are part of the DFA. So they can keep doing what they’ve been doing for all these years—providing amazing buttermilk.


Ethel Ann Says

"If it says 'sift,' now you've got to sift."